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Thanks Bernardo. It's certainly going to be a big change for me! Getting back into full-time employment is priority no.2 right now (the baby is priority no.1) but I'll be happy to talk with you about looking at your site and I've very much appreciated your involvement in TipsterHQ.

Stuart WoodrowApril 29 2016,Uncategorized

First of all Congratulations for the baby that is to come 🙂 and w/ a bit more experience on that field I can assure u that it will change your life for sure and for better! Secondly, I've to say that even not knowing u personally, you are one of the persons I really appreciate and respect due the work done in the tipsters & sportsbetting business. Here on TT and in TipsterHQ, You've always been outstanding in the work I've read and the independent reviews provided in TalkinTipsters were always a good read for any punter or gambler that were evaluating the chance of adding them to his portfolio. Thank you and I hope you will get some time in the future to continue w/ some reviews. Best Wishes, Bernardo

Bernardo BaltazarApril 28 2016,Uncategorized

Thank you Stuart ! It is always nice to get positive feedback and it is very much appreciated. Since the review of my site there have been some changes, as the old site has moved to the Tipstrr platform to give a better service to the customers. The vision for my service is still to offer quality selections with comments and thereby give the customers the insight to the selections. A steady long term profit is what I am aiming for. This might sound boring for a lot of people, but this is the only way to be succesful. I will do my best to bring value to my members with a profitable and transparent service. I have made a great offer for new members - join one week for only £10 or a full month for £19. This offer will be active until Sunday at midnight - feel free to get onboard.

Thomas VandstedApril 14 2016,AH Picks,Football,Tipsters,Tipstrr

I can't right now as I would have to go through each set of tips manually but I am working with a programmer who's doing a couple of jobs for me. One of those jobs is building an SP finder. That little tool will speed things up considerably.

Stuart WoodrowMarch 11 2016,BetAdvisor,Horse Racing,Tipsters